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Review process

A programme committee, consisting of scientific leaders in the field and headed by a committee chair, handles the review process. Submissions (extended abstracts) have a length of 1–2 pages in ICA format. The review is carried out in a single-blind fashion. Submissions are evaluated by at least two reviewers from the programme committee according to predefined criteria (e.g. scientific contribution, research idea, quality of approach, expected results, clarity of presentation); they may give recommendations concerning the improvement of the paper. The views of the programme committee are assembled by the committee chair, who decides whether abstracts are accepted. In the case of disagreement, another review will be solicited. The review results are then communicated to the authors, who prepare the final paper of 8 pages. Papers will be published in the Proceedings of the ICA.

Final papers are due 6 weeks prior to the meeting. The Proceedings of the ICA volume will be made available for the meeting.

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